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Festival Hair Top Tips

Heading to festival for the first time? Or just want to know how to get the most out of your hair? Read on!

One thing about heading to a festival is the question of…what am I going to do with my hair?! Up to 5 days of no washing or heated styling, and if upcoming festivals are anything like the recently Glastonbury Heatwave, there could be the potential for dry and frizzy hair to make an appearance too! Here’s our guide on how to get the most of your hair at a festival, so you can look good from day 1, right until the trek back to the car at the end of the weekend!

Pre Festival Styling

Wash your hair before heading to the festival, make sure you use a moisturising conditioner. This will help protect against sun damage, and will keep your hair under control for longer.

Think about curling your hair with tongs before you go. It’ll look better for longer and won’t require as much attention when it comes to styling. Straightened hair will kink and once it’s done that there isn’t a lot you can do! Start with waves and go from there!

Your New Best Friend

We would recommend avoiding too many products during the festival, especially waxes and oils, over time these can make your hair a little more greasy, and there is no way of washing it out until you get home!

However there is one product we would definitely advise taking with you… Dry Shampoo! There is a huge range out there, for all different hair types. But essentially their job is to remove all the excess oils from your scalp, and adds a little more life to your hair before the next wash. Simply spray and work into the roots of your hair, it’l’ help add volume and will make it easier to style.

Don’t Touch!

Try not to touch your hair too much, if you’ve got a fringe think about pinning it away from your face. The more you touch your hair the quicker it’ll feel greasy. Tie it back if you think it’ll get in your way!


There are loads of great accessories out there perfect for a festival look. From headbands to barrette clips, all will help your hair look it’s best for you festival weekend. A festival is a great time to experiment with new styles, so why not add a flower crown, o something different! They look great and can help disguise any unruly, messy hair!

Plaits & Braids

The final couple of the days of the festival are the biggest test for your hair. This is where plaits and braids come in handy. They look super cool, and it’s a great way to control any unruly hairs that just can’t be tamed. We loved dutch braids, and maybe add some glitter* too, you’re at a festival after all!

*Make sure you purchase biodegradable glitter!

And that’s it! Our top tips on styling and managing your hair at a festival. What other top tips would you recommend? Let us know!

We Recommend…

Looking for that perfect, all round product to take with you? We recommend the Oway Plant and Mineral Refresh. This powder absorbs excess oil in your scalp, volumises your hair and gives it that extra life to last between washes. It’s a great product to take to a festival and will help you get the most out of your hair, allowing you to style it as you wish every day!

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