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Start now for beach ready hair

Ensuring your tresses look beach-babe tousled, sun-kissed and effortlessly cool takes planning.

You plan your pre-holiday beauty regime like a military campaign – drop a dress size, book waxing sessions, apply copious amounts of fake tan, get a snazzy pedicure – so don’t leave your hair to chance.

Start now with our summer hair planner…


Get into shape

Always book a trim with your hairdresser as close to your trip as you can. Your style will be easier to manage whilst you’re away and a trim eliminates those pesky split ends.


Plan your hair colour with your stylist

Do have a chat with your stylist as soon as you book your holiday dates (don’t leave it until your last colour appointment) to decide on your ‘plan of action’.

Even the gentlest professional colour can leave your hair lack-lustre, dry and brittle. If you haven’t tried an Olaplex treatment yet you’re missing out on the biggest game-changer we’ve seen when it comes to restoring coloured tresses to their natural healthy condition. Perfect for your pre-holiday colour.

The beauty press are raving about.  Sunday Times beauty columnist India Knight verdict on her post-treatment hair, “It’s swishy, shiny, and looks in amazing nick…  It’s like having my teenage hair back.”  You can learn more about Olaplex here.


Hair colour fade and bleached locks

Sun, salty sea water and chlorine are fatal to hair colour and condition. They can cause fade, especially to red and brunette tints, so immediately before you head for the beach is not the ideal time to splurge out on colour.

These three culprits can also give blondes a brassy tone – not quite the sun-bleached sultry look you were hankering for. Try asking your Pure Hair stylist to make your highlights two or three shades darker than normal. The sun will naturally lift your hair colour giving you the perfect shade to complement that glowing tan.


Glossy summer hair starts here

Great condition is key to achieving that sexy messy beach hair look. Start early with a series of at home deep conditioning treatments (we like Wella Emulsion Treatment) in the weeks leading up to your trip.

Colour specialist Leanne shares her professional tips in this blog to help keep your hair colour lasting longer.


Effortless sexy tresses all day long

Don’t wait until you’re on holiday to experiment with beach hair styles. You’ve better things to do than struggle with grips, pins and clips.

Plaits, braids and messy buns look their naturally dishevelled best with a bit of discreet practice. Try out new ideas, and perfect your technique, at home or with friends. Ask your stylist to share some professional tips (we’re always delighted to help) or take a peek at Laura’s step-by-step guide to the perfectly-messy-chic bun here.


Go shopping

Idle away an hour or two pre-holiday shopping for hats, bright scarves and hair accessories to tame, tie and twist into your beachy locks.

And don’t forget some glitzy hair clips and combs for hitting the evening party scene. Holidays aren’t all about posing poolside.

Stock up on the right hair products too. You’ll need ones especially formulated to remove chlorine and protect your hair from those rays. Our Wella Care & Style Sun range has protectors, shampoo and conditioner which all work together to combat the drying and damaging effects of the beach.


Post holiday hair fix

Last but not least, before you catch your flight remember to book a salon appointment with your favourite stylist for when you return – especially if you have colour.

Treat yourself to the perfect brows to finish your beach-babe look…

Our HD Brows® trained stylists will transform your eyebrows giving them the perfect shape and definition. The ultimate accessory for a glowing tan.  Read more about HD Brows® treatments at Pure Hair Leamington here.


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