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Holiday Hair Care Tips

Summer is here, which for many of us means a week or two in the sun, enjoying cocktails and spending days lounging around a pool. You’ve thought about what outfits to pack and you have dug your passport out the back of the drawer, now there is one thing left to thing about… your hair!

The sun, sea and chlorine from the pool can do more damage to your hair than you may realise. It can become dry, brittle and prone to snapping, and in need of some major TLC! Keep reading on to find out just a few top tips we recommend to keep damage to a minimum and your hair smooth and luscious throughout your holiday.

Pre-Holiday Trim

Before you board the plane it’s a good idea to head to your salon and just get the ends trimmed. Freshly cut hair won’t be as likely to split and should help stay in good condition throughout your trip. If you are wanting to colour your hair, we recommend getting it done at least a month before your trip, as the sun can lift and fade new colour. Speak to your salon to find out the best times to get your pre-holiday hair!

Chlorine and Chemicals

While you’re away your hair is likely to come in contact with chlorine, sun cream and more. Left in your hair for too long this will begin to cause damage. Rinse your hair with water before you swim, as I’ll soak up less of the chlorine while you’re in the pool. Each time you get out the pool try and rinse your hair thoroughly to get as much of the chlorine out as possible.

Avoid Heat Styling

Try to limit the use of hair dryers and styling tools. Your hair will already be drier than usual from the heat and sun. Let it dry naturally, and maybe add some texture spray to add some natural beach waves. Your hair will thank you for it later!

Wear a Hat

If you’re sat out in the sun, especially during the hottest part of the day, don’t forget to wear a hat! Your scalp can easily burn in the sun, and will do some pretty nasty damage to your roots in not protected! You can also buy Hair Sun Cream which will also protect against sun damage.

Treat Your Hair to a Mask

It might be worth packing a hair mask into your case. If while you’re away, your hair is starting to suffer a little, spend an hour or two on an evening giving it a little love. Use a hydrating hair mask, and maybe add a hair oil too! It’s important to protect your hair from root to tip in order for it to stay in good, healthy condition in the sun.

Post-Holiday Trim

It’s probably worth popping back to the salon after your trip, especially if you’ve spent a lot of time in the sun and pool. Ask for a quick trim to remove any split ends and maybe a deep conditioning treatment too, to add a bit of life back into your locks. We have a great range of treatments in the salon that can help restore your hair to its former glory!

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