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How To Create Summer Beach Waves

It’s the perfect time of year for you to rock that fuss-free beach hair. But how do you achieve that if you’re not in fact on a beach?! Here are a few tip tips from us.

Heatless Beach Waves

Once you’ve washed your hair, towel dry it as much as you can. When it’s only damp, pop in some salt spray, this will help add that beachy texture to your hair. Once you’ve add the spray simply scrunch your hair in upwards motions and leave to dry. Voila, beachy waves!

If you’re hair is already dry you can still add a texture spray. We’d recommend the Well EIMI Ocean Spritz. Simply add sparingly into your damp or dry hair and work in as needed! The EIMI spray has a hold level 2, so you won’t need to add extra hairspray before leaving the house.

Using Heated Tools

Using curling tongs is a great way to add proper curls into your hair. Rough dry your hair, and then take small sections of hair wrapping them round the tongs. To get a natural, beachy wave look we would recommend wrapping the hair in both directions, rather than just the standard ‘away from your face’. This will make the waves look a lot more natural! Once you’ve curled all sections of your hair, simply ‘tousle’ the ends of each section and add some hairspray to hold

If you aren’t looking for round curls, then you can also achieve the wavy look with your hair straighteners too! A simple way to do this is take an inch or so section of hair, run the straighteners through it and twist as you go. Rather than creating full curls, this will add simple, more natural waves to your hair.

The Overnight Waves

This is a great one for those who don’t have time to sit and style their hair in the morning…and who would prefer to get those extra precious 15 minutes in bed ;)

Wash your hair in the evening and towel dry it as much as possible. Then either twist and pin it on top of your hair, or tie into into multiple plaits. Head to bed, and then in the morning just untie your hair, shake it out and add a hairspray. Super simple, time saving and it doesn’t use any heated tools to achieve!

We Recommend…

If you’re looking for a great product to create beachy waves, we would recommend the new Oway Sea Salt Spray. It’s part of our new range in the salon and makes a great addition to your collection. The Sea Salt Spray texturises and holds your hair, giving you that perfect summer beach style!

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