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Keep Your Blonde Hair Blonder

Icy and ash blondes are in trend right now, there are so many shades you can achieve with blonde hair. It’s also a colour that needs a fair bit of upkeep once you leave the salon, so here are a few tips, tricks and products you can use to keep your blonde hair even blonder.

Purple and Silver Shampoos

These shampoo and conditioners are great for dispelling those yellow and brassy tones from your hair, that can creep through a little while after you’ve had your hair coloured. They neutralise those tones and reveal the icy and ash tones underneath that you want to achieve.

Here at Pure Hair we love the Wella Invigo Blonde Recharge Range. It eliminates excess oil, dirt and impurities so it leaves your hair, soft, smooth and the colour recharged and the perfect blonde. Unlike some other purple shampoos this one won’t dry your hair out, although it’s a good idea to use a hair mask every couple of weeks to keep your hair hydrated from root to tip!

The Wella Invigo Blonde Recharge Range comes with two conditioners, a Warm Blonde and Cool Blonde conditioner, so you can achieve the shade of blonde you desire. You only need to leave it on for 3-5 minutes before washing it out, making it a great, and quick product for your hair wash routine.

If you don’t have a purple or silver shampoo then we would definitely recommend trying out the Alterna Caviar Infinite Colour Hold Vibrancy Serum. Simple add to your conditioner to replenish and protect the colour of your hair, all while adding hydration, shine and preventing breakage!

If you’re feeling unsure about using Purple Shampoo or you want something longer lasting then why not book a Shine & Tone appointment with us and we’ll do all the hard work for you! It’ll inject a little more life into your hair without having a full Colour & Style appointment!

Heat Protection

Coloured hair needs a little extra care, as well as protection from heat styling as it can dry out and become more brittle than non-coloured hair. Add a heat protection spray before styling, and research and try put some  alternative heat-free ways of achieving the style you want.

Hair Washing Routine

Each time you wash your hair it takes a little more colour out of it, so try and go longer between each wash to save your colour for longer. When you do wash your hair make sure you only use warm water, if it’s too hot it’ll open the cuticle at the root of your hair and will result in pulling out the colour molecules quicker. Washing your hair less will also mean you aren’t using heat tools such as hairdryers on it as often and will help protect your hair against damage!

What top tips do you have for caring for coloured hair? Let us know!

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