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This month we have introduced a selection of brand new, and innovative treatments that you can add to your visit. Whether you want to repair you strands of hair, or just enhance it further we have a whole range of treatments for you.


This treatment is perfect for dry and damaged hair. It’s a powerhouse for damaged strands and will target and repair all the cracks and tears in your hairs’ structure. Our Recovery Treatment leaves you with instant results, your hair will be softer, smoother and your split ends will be reduced by up to 99%.

Colour Shot

This is ideal for those with coloured hair. Colouring your hair too often without treating it well can leave your colour fading and your hair structure weakened. The colour shot treatment restores your hairs ability to hold the colour molecules for longer and also reduces hair breakages and split ends.

Quick Fix

Need results, and need them now? The Quick Fix Treatment is perfect for giving your hair back its’ mojo. The treatment only takes 10 minutes and you’ll see results straight away. It works fast to repair the bonds in your hair, and improves the elasticity and strength in your stands from root to tip. You’ll also see an improvement in shine and texture, it’s a great treatment to add to your appointment!

Calm Treatment

For a lot of people it can be tricky to find a product that doesn’t irritate or damage your scalp. Our Calm Treatment works gently to soothe your scalp. It’s fomulated with Allantoin and Balance Blend™, and it relieves and tight or irritated feeling in your hair. This treatment is a great one to add to regular appointments, to keep your irritation at bay.

Want to try one of our treatments? Just speak to your stylist when you arrive at the salon and we’ll find which treatment suits you and your hair the best. Head over to our services page to view all the treatment prices.

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