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Olaplex treatment for coloured hair

Even the kindest colour can leave your hair lack-lustre, dry and damaged over time. So we were intrigued to learn more about Olaplex, a revolutionary hair repair and strengthening treatment sweeping the UK.

Describing itself as “insurance for your hair” it claims to deliver stronger, healthier hair and longer lasting vibrant colour.


The beauty press love Olaplex

Olaplex is rumoured to be the magic ingredient behind Kim Kardashian’s bleach blonde make-over late last year.

Whilst Kate Shapland Beauty Editor of the Telegraph Magazine raved…

I could barely believe the difference it made to the way it looked and felt. In fact, I’ll say this now and get it over with, I cried with happiness. As you can tell, I’m impressed.”

Sunday Times beauty columnist India Knight was blown away too…

“I was sceptical to say the least. I had both eyebrows raised Botox-high. Well – I’ve just had the treatment and it is MIRACULOUS. It’s like having new hair. It’s swishy, shiny, and looks in amazing nick, even though my root situation is such that I have my hair coloured once a month. It’s like having my teenage hair back.”

Could it possibly live up to the media hype we wondered?

“Having thoroughly tested it Olaplex really does seem to be offering something new. Previously, we could only re-moisturise hair, but not repair it,” explains Pure Hair Director Laura.

“Unlike regular masks and conditioners which work on the surface on the hair Olaplex works from the inside and helps repair the damaged hair shaft. I’m a convert.”


Olaplex reduces breakages and makes colour last longer


Colour specialist Laura is impressed, “I’ve applied it to heavily coloured hair, with some amazing results. It lets me achieve so much more for my clients, and push the boundaries with hair I’d previously been hesitant to colour further.”

She explains, “Olaplex works by reconnecting the damaged disulphide bonds in the hair which are broken through chemical change from dyes and physical change like heat. As the hair becomes weaker it becomes more vulnerable, so it’s a vicious circle.”

Olaplex works well as a stand-alone treatment to restore heat-damaged, coloured hair. However, we are so convinced by it that we are recommending clients have it as an integral part of their colour service.

It’s a two-part process. For the stand-alone restorative treatment we comb the Bond Multiplier No.1 onto dry hair ensuring every hair is covered, then leave it for 5 minutes before applying the Bond Perfector No. 2.

If you have Olaplex as part of your colour service, we mix the Bond Multiplier into the hair colour as it’s applied, rinse it out with the colour and then use the Perfector. It doesn’t affect the colour in any way and dramatically reduces breakage leaving your hair looking glossy, smooth and healthy.


Olaplex No. 3 at home

We also stock Olaplex No.3 Perfector , the weekly home treatment to strengthen your hair further.

Ask your Pure Hair stylist for the Olaplex treatment service next time you’re visiting us for colour or highlights and see the results for yourself.



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