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Oway Comes To Pure Hair

If you’ve been to Pure Hair recently you may have noticed a new brand we have in stock. Want to find out more about this fabulous new brand? Read on…

The first thing to note about Oway is that is 100% natural, derived from Plant Botanicals from a region in Italy. Oway products are not mass produced and the farm relies solely on nature to do it’s thing to grow all the ingredients.

”The biodynamic method considers the soil, the plant, man, planet Earth and the cosmos as a single organism or integrated, living system. When working in the biodynamic field, you choose to respect the host land by keeping it fertile harvest by harvest, through a series of continuing procedures using totally natural enzymes and preparations free from any kind of substances which are synthetic or toxic to man or the environment.”

All Oway products are stored in Amber Glass Bottles which not only are fully recyclable, but also preserve the the botanical formulas of each product. You won’t find any hidden ingredients in any of the Oway products, and better still your hair will be left feeling stronger, silkier and healthier.

The Importance of Fair Trade

Oway grows all the medicinal plants used for the essentials oils that are the active ingredients in all the products.

Those raw, natural ingredients that can’t be grown in Italy, are sourced from certified regions in Africa, Amazonia, Indochina and Aboriginal Australia. The alliances set-up support over 800 developing communities around the world.

The Oway Range At Pure Hair

You won’t find Oway in any other Leamington Salons, and in total only 250 salons nationwide. We are thrilled to have been chosen as one of the newest salons to stock the range.

Pure Hair have stocked a wide range of Oway products, from shampoos and conditioners, to dry shampoo and styling sprays. The range of products can be suited to whatever hair type or style you have, and they are ready to buy in the salon now. If you aren’t sure what is best for you and your hair, speak to one of our stylists on your next visit and we’ll take you through the range to choose the best Oway products for you!

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