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Preventing Split Ends

Do you suffer from split ends?

You’re not alone. In this blog Pure Hair’s director, Caroline Moulding, talks about

  • the causes of split ends
  • how to repair them
  • the best way to eliminate split ends


What causes split ends?

As our hair grows it becomes more fragile and prone to breakage explains Caroline. Colouring/bleaching, excessive brushing and heat styling are all major causes of split ends.

Here’s how to reduce their damage:

1. Hair colouring

If you regularly colour or bleach you will probably notice more split ends as these processes can strip moisture from natural hair leaving it brittle and prone to breakage.

The solution: at Pure we offer the revolutionary Olaplex treatment which promises healthier, shinier locks and considerably less breakage.

“I now add it to my client’s colour services to ensure the hair is protected from chemical damage, retains its strength and looks gorgeous” says Caroline. “If you haven’t tried it yet you can learn all about it in this hair care blog or ask your stylist next time you’re in the salon.”

Kate Shapland, Beauty Editor at the Telegraph Magazine raves about Olaplex, “I could barely believe the difference it made to the way it looked and felt. In fact, I’ll say this now and get it over with, I cried with happiness. As you can tell, I’m impressed.”

Olaplex can be used as a stand-alone treatment or added to any colour service. Ask your Pure Hair stylist about it at your next appointment or call the salon to find out more 01926 429584.

2. Prevent damage by brushes

The correct hair tools are essential to prevent breakage, split ends and hair damage advises Caroline.

If you want effortlessly easy-to-brush hair use a wide tooth comb in the shower once you have applied your conditioner. Not only does it help distribute the product throughout the hair’s length, it also avoids unnecessary snagging and pulling, and reduces damage.

Tackle tangles on dry hair by gently combing through and starting at the bottom of your hair, slowly working your way up, rather than hastily dragging it through the knots.

3. Heat styling causes damage

Most of us couldn’t live without our straighteners or curling wands; not to mention a big bouncy blow dry. Yet exposing your locks to high temperatures on a regular basis can wreak havoc on those delicate ends.

You may be tempted to blast your hair with a hair dryer whilst it’s still soaking wet but this is damaging as Caroline explains, “Avoid subjecting your hair to heat for long periods of time to prevent it becoming too dry and frazzled. Let it air dry first. Ideally you want it to be 60-80% dry before you switch the hair dryer on. Switch to the cooler setting if possible and ALWAYS use a heat protection product.

Turn down the heat of your styling tools. Temperatures above 200 degrees strip the hair of natural keratin – the all important ingredient which keeps your hair soft, shiny and strong.

“It’s a myth you have to reach maximum temperatures – 180 degrees is all that’s needed to achieve the best results – anything higher is just causing distress to your strands. Equally don’t go below 180 degrees, as you’ll end up using your tools for longer which is equally as damaging.”


Repair damaged hair with professional products

“Don’t underestimate the power of professional products, they can’t cure split ends but can work wonders on disguising them and preventing new ones.

Using a suitable shampoo and conditioner, along with moisturising styling products will ensure your hair is nourished and strengthened, which can help prevent hair splitting. A smoothing hair product can also seal the hair cuticles and tame brittle ends for a silky, sleek finish.


Eliminate split ends with regular trims

While you can improve the appearance of split ends the only way to get rid of them is to have them snipped off regularly.

Caroline recommends booking in for regular trims every 6-8 weeks to ensure your tresses are in tip-top condition. Even if you’re growing your locks, regular haircuts actually help, as they prevent the hair from continually snapping and breaking at the ends.

Still feel confused about split ends? Why not book a complimentary consultation with your Pure Hair stylist at your next appointment to chat through your concerns and they will recommend the best plan of action for you. To book call 01926 429584.


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