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Opal Essence Colour

The New Opal Essence Range at Pure Hair

There’s something new and exciting that has arrived at the Pure Hair Salon, and we can’t wait to share it with you! Wella have released their new Illumina Colour Opal Essence range, and the shades are stunning. From Silver Mauve to Titanium Rose, there is a new hair colour waiting for you.

Opal Essence Technology

Opal Essence is designed to work with the light, so depending on each bend of the hair, light is reflected with warm or cool hues and gives a beautiful metallic iridescent sheen to your hair.

The Opal Essence Range at Wella is all possible due to the Artificial Intelligence/Revelation™ Algorithm, and is at the height of technology for choosing the perfect combination of colours and formulation strategies.

The Shade Range

The new Opal Essence Range is made up of five beautiful no-depth metallic shades, and can be used alone or with Illumina Colour to give you the hair colour you desire. Each shade captures the light, whether you go for Copper Peach or Chrome Olive, or any of the shades in between!

Opal Essence Colour

Book An Appointment With Us

Interested in finding out which Opal Essence Colour is right for you? Book an appointment and have a consultation with one of our experienced stylists. We can help suggest the best way to achieve the hair colour of your dreams and give your style a new lease of life! Call us now on 01926 429584.

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