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Your essential guide to summer Festival hair

Going to Glastonbury this year? There’s a summer’s fest of fun to look forward to, so pack your floral crown and wellies, and we’re off.

With showers and mirrors few and far between, achieving that quintessential boho festival style takes careful planning if you don’t favour the drowned-rat school of hair.

Here are our tips for embracing the festival spirit whilst looking naturally gorgeous in Hunter’s and shorts…


Get a head start

A contradiction in terms perhaps, but natural looking hair is all about careful preparation.

Book a salon appointment a week before the festival for a trim and a re-touch of your colour. Sun-kissed tresses suit that chilled-out tousled look you’re after.

You’re unlikely to be able to wash your hair for three days, so get up early on the morning you leave and get ahead with a freshly washed and blow dried mane. If the rain holds off this will get you safely through the first day.


Braids and plaits are your festival friend

With no heated stylers and hair dryers to add volume and texture, mini braids and plaits are festival hair essentials.

Caught in a downpour? Use multiple mini braids or a fishtail plait for quintessential festival hair. When the sun shines, loosen them, shake your head and you’ve just-rolled-out-of-bed textured hair.

Hot and sunny? Don’t forget the UV protector, especially if you have coloured hair.


Dry-shampoo is a must-have at summer festivals

With all the partying, sun and rain your hair may soon start to look lank and greasy. If you pack nothing else take dry-shampoo and plenty of baby wipes. They are both life-savers in their own ways.

We like Sebastian Drynamic – if you’ve never used dry-shampoo before you’ll be seriously impressed with the results. It can also add much-needed texture and volume at the roots.


Hair accessories give a festive vibe

Kick back and chill out with boho hair accessories, hats and scarves. Spend time before the festival hunting around the shops and amass a collection of floral bandos and retro clips & combs. Add some hats – from fedoras to floppy – and you’re all set to go.


Wash your fringe

Day three and your hair is probably looking past its sell-by. Freshen your look by just washing your fringe. Bottled water and a dab of travel shampoo will do the trick. Smooth the rest of your hair back into a tight low pony and carry on partying.

Alternatively, spritz dry hair with water then scrunch dry with perhaps a touch of Eimi Ocean Spritz to lift the roots – the more undone the better for this look.


It’s raining, it’s pouring…

And don’t forget, you can always cheat and decamp to the nearest pub for loos, hot water and mirrors.

Just don’t tell anyone…

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